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I’ve just added three more new images to the gallery pages, rotating some older images off the site.

I’m also going to be adding general links of interest, of interest to me anyway, to this page as time goes on. I did debate adding a links page to the site, but I don’t want to send the few visitors I do get shooting off elsewhere as soon as they arrive.


Site update


The Red Knob


  1. This is just a test, havent you finished yet?

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  3. The Helicopter pic that was by the way. Nice to see the old magic. You still got it!

  4. Well spotted Mister C. I’ll tell you what, there are [at least]five more missing links on this website since the change over. Find them in the next 48hours and you win a prize…

    And what helio pic? The one inspired buy the bullwackies ‘Don’t Push’ single?

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