The Red Knob

just completed, a series of promotional cards for The Red Knob sexual health fanzine.

Take heed of Private Dick’s Valentines message…

Private Dick Valentines Postcard Illustration


New artwork


Supersonic Festival


  1. Pedantically I must point out that the Investi… in the window is back to front. From outside the building it would be… well… back to front.

  2. Speaking as a man who had an actual ‘Private Detective’ sign up in his window for three days in Anfield, due to the creation of a no budget short film, I’m clearly fully aware of this and my illustration was making the very most of what is generally known as artistic licence.

    More problematic Dave, is the fact the private comes after the investigator?…

    (Actually, this was in fact due to the original sketch having the window read ‘Private [in small letters] Dick Investigations’ and carrying on the STI/Sexual Health theme. However with some of the Dick obscured, ahem, the joke/reference was lost…)

  3. Thanks for that LJMU. I’m going to take those words and arange them into a sentance that means something…

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