Curfew in Wolverhampton…

or so it seems.

Went to see Henry Rollins do one of his spoken word shows there earlier tonight, was a great show, if a little bum numbing due to the three hour plus talk time. Entertaining thoughout though.

The show length did also lead to a slightly confused, and not unnoticed, mass exodus while Henry was still midway through a Christopher Walken anecdote. See while the doors to the show opened at seven, and the stage time was eight-ish, the latest car park in the town, the Civic Centre car park, only opens till eleven pm, when it gets locked down for the night [I have to say it, the car park, is a fantastically dated sixties job full of leaking cement walls, overpowering lights and totaly confusing in its layout – I loved it].

Anyway, as the choice came to a night spent wandering the streets of wolverhampton or missing the last ten minutes of the show, well, the Car Park won. If any one knows how the story ended, please drop me a line…


Merry Christmas


Merry this and that…

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