Merry this and that…

and Happy everything…

Okay, so its a little late to be welcoming in the New Year, well, unless your either Russian or Chinese I guess, in which case, not quite so late.

Anyway I wrote most of this before christmas, when I started work on the new design and layout. Oh, and now I’ve cleared my web design work backlog and sorted out the layout of my site, maybe I’ll get chance to do a few drawings…

That is all.


Curfew in Wolverhampton…


Roadside 11-02-08


  1. Lets hope so.

    I think that book you’re after is behind those two boxes of paperwork on top of the wardrobe. Question is, can you be bothered to fetch the stepladders and have a look?

  2. Missing ‘A’

    2 left…. 🙂

  3. I was talking about missing page links, but I’ll let you off as you’ve only got about 4 hours left…

    Actually it might just be that googles site map is out of date and there aren’t that many missing links.

    Only one way to find out…

  4. Sorry Dave.

    I’ve now fixed all the links, I think… According to google there are four more but I think its finding pages on the old site and getting confused.

    There were also missing links on the ‘100,000 miles…’ and ‘New Domain Name’ posts

    I’m guessing you either got bored or else saw through my thinly veiled plan to get someone else to check my site over for me…

    Don’t despair though, there are sure to be many mistakes in the future for you to point out…

    [How did you get that smiley face anyway, Damn it! You know your way round this site better than me!]

  5. [Wonders when :dave: will be back…]

  6. Always good to have someone else check your stuff over. Now can this bit be moved to here… and that made bigger. Kh Kh Kh I’m off to Spain again…. :mrgreen:

  7. You’ve lost me on the Kh thing mister C?

  8. Erm, Thanks ‘web’

    That would be spam then would it?

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