Foot tappin’ & Dance at the screamin’ festival…

i‘ve just read of a cheaply priced [what they used to call ‘mid-price’] compilation from one of the DJ’s of the Screamin’ festival, DJ AT[?], its called Foot tappin’ & Dance at the screamin’ festival. The festival itself is celebrating its tenth year, not sure if I’ll be making it this year though, disappointingly.

I noticed it at HMV here in the UK for £5.99 or if you’re located elsewhere, you can buy it direct from El Toro for €10.

No sign of the promised Caroline Casey album as yet though…


Roadside 11-02-08


Roadside 13-02-08


  1. Damn them, the spammers have mastered rudimentary maths. What now???

  2. Hide the links. That works ‘404’ to death!!!

  3. Hi Chris,

    It’s coming soon, I promise! You can hear some of the advance cuts up on my music website, though…. 🙂


  4. Hey there.

    Thats good news indeed.

    Thanks for visiting the site and for the great show at last years festival.

    Also thanks for being the first person to leave a comment on the site that wasn’t Dave!


    [I should also add, the compilation did arrive and I do recognise Mister DJ AT now I see a picture of him.]

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