Roadside 13-02-08

number two in the occasional series of roadside photos. I’ll either get bored with this once the weather changes or I won’t…

Roadside 13-02-08


Foot tappin’ & Dance at the screamin’ festival…


3.27 a.m.


  1. That’s rather arty farty. Got some great misty pics like this from near the sheeps on Clee Hill.

  2. ‘Your comment is waiting for moderation.’
    Don’t you trust us?

  3. I wondered when you’d find your way here.

    Yeah, I’d like to try to paint some things like this which is a bit of a departure from my usual, so far however I’ve mostly only succeeded in creating a pile of firewood…

    I don’t mind abuse from your good self, its the dubious spambot posts featuring all the usual suspects that I’m trying to keep out.

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