Pets Bazzaar

Breck Road, Liverpool.

I wonder if its still there…

Based on a drawing from a photo I took and then lost. I never went inside of ‘Pets Bazzaar’…

Pets Bazzaare, Breck Road, Liverpool 5 Ink & Watercolour

I’m not completely happy with either the colouring on this or the photo of it. I either need to invest in a A3 size scanner, or start working smaller.


3.27 a.m.


Roadside 02-04-08


  1. *Sniff* pet shops are becoming rare and being turned into *EVIL* Tesco’s.

    Nice vid here :

    Pet shop related.

  2. No wonder if thats what they do with the excess stock come closing time…

    What a cheery video Mister C. 😯

    The style reminds me of that very amusing ‘Monkey dust‘ show.

  3. Well, its in Liverpool so not sure how much use it is for your website, however someone did drop me a line the other day to say its still in business. Next time I’m in town I must pay it a vist and see what another eleven years have done to it.

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