Roadside 02-04-08

number three in the increasingly random series of roadside photos.

I was at the post office today, and whist endlessly queuing and pondering whether Kangaroos really cannot walk down stairs I was surprised to find myself surrounded on every work surface and shelf by…

Could they be the next villain in the increasingly farcically comedic Doctor Who?

Still, it’ll give the local paper something to write about I suppose.


Pets Bazzaar




  1. Dr Who Villain? Surely you remember the Candy Man? A psychotic robot looking a little like Bertie Basset. And Ken Dodd as a space port attendant for some reason…. And these little chaps are in the window? It’s a wonder the police haven’t done them for being evil heartless Nazis!!! Oh by the way Golly was banned in Nazi Germany…..

  2. If they tried that today they’d have Bassetts after them for copyright infringement, the health police on at them for promoting sweets to kids and most probably a campaign in the metro to make full sized bassett sweets available.

    As to the friendly figures in the window, inside they’re everywhere, ceramic ones in armchairs, a golly-on-a-mug, key rings… Is there a new kids TV show or something?

    I’d’ve bought a mate of mine one as he likes such things, he already has a Mosque Alarm Clock, but I wouldn’t quite know what small talk to make with the post office/shop assistant…

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