a couple of events coming up at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham. Must admit I haven’t been there for ages but good to read they’re still keeping up with the novelty events and interesting programing…

Friday 18 April, 8.30 at the Electric
Jaws screening with 22-piece orchestra and pina coladas.
26/27 April at the Electric in Birmingham
The QT/RR doublebill complete with trailers.


Roadside 02-04-08


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  1. I know you’ll be found in the sunrise cinema round the corner…

    I’ve looked everywhere on this site and have found no mention of Horses Richards or cards….

  2. I know you’ll be found in the sunrise cinema round the corner…


    Now theres a part of proper ‘old’ Birmingham.

    Actually its call ‘adult world’ now isn’t it. Erm, well, cough, I only know that cause…

    a. It has a giant neon sign with AdultWorld on it.


    b. It got a mention on Iain Lees quite good sunday night show on Virgin Radio a couple of weeks back.

    Actually theres another such establishment by the bridge that runs under Moor Street Station. You can watch the swift trade from the platform above when waiting for a southbound train.

    I’m surprised such places still exist what with the internet and dvds and such. I can’t imagine the customers go there for the social interaction…

  3. As far as Horses and other strange search engine results, I did mention the band ‘Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses’ from last years Supersonic Festival, Cards – Postcards I guess and as for Richards, well, you’ve got me there…

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