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I‘ve been spending far too much time, or at least more time than the video warrants, trying to post a Youtube video here on the blog. Its just that I spent the best part of a summer holiday in 1983/4 somewhere in Devon playing the Spy Hunter arcade game, the proper sit in one of course.

This new commercial for Pontiac faithfully recreates the action in 3d. I think its pretty fantatastic, though as an advertisement it has the disadvantage that the product its selling is the worst looking vehicle in the piece.

Spy Hunter Arcade Game

You can download and play another 3d reinterpretation of spy hunter, here, called Highway Pursuit, Its pretty good fun, even if it does lack the classic Peter Gunn theme and skip all the Car/Boat/Car/Boat/Car/Car/Boat stuff.

If unlike me you have the correct number of shockwave plugins you can also maybe play the original online, Spy Hunter*…

*Site no longer live.


Tamworth Record Fair


Roadside 15-05-08


  1. *Expletive Deleted* Like all ancient games it promised loads and delivered nowt. All the roads were straight no turn off no exploration. Give me GTA anyday. Or Tomb Raider… Even the revived version, on the PSX(1) I think, was bad.

    Now Tanks. That was a game especially when you got to blow up your own team….

  2. Or Spy Vs Spy.. All in blocky Spectrum’O’vision.

    Are you telling me that YOU of all people can’t stick a You Tube into your pages? Thought you just had to strip in a URL thing. But then that sounds like work to me…..

  3. Ah, it was of its time. And it did have lots of zigs and zags. From what I remember it was fine till you knocked it into high gear, wherein you imediately crashed into an island in the middle of the caridgeway due to the speed increasing x10. Actually I just got the online version to work and I don’t remember blowing up just for touching other cars. I think one thing I liked about it was the fact you always got 3 minutes for your ten pence, no matter how often you crashed…

    I think I had Spy Vs Spy on the C64 [even blockier but with a few more colours] never could figure it out if memory serves.

    So hows GTA IV anyway? Iain Lee was saying it was a bit slow and you had to spend ages just driving, the last one was a bit too much like that I thought.

    Wordpess? Youtube? Together? Oh yeah, just install this simple plug in… 👿

    [watches in horror as all previous posts are erased from database when it dosen’t work and is uninstalled.]

    Lucky it was repairable. So no, its not just the URL thing. Aparently the code isn’t compatible with the WordPress post editor, unless you turn of the WYSIWYG side of it and just write in code. Can’t blame WordPress for it though, must be Youtubes fault…

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