The Red Knob 2.0

very pleased to have had a rather large part, if I do say so myself, in the design and creation of the The Red Knob website, version 2.0.

The Red Knob Website

The Red Knob is a limited company offering Sexual Health Education, Resources and Training, who I’ve been fortunate enough to create several illustrations, a couple of comic strips and the all new, all singing and all dancing website.  

Talulah FataleAs well as features retained from the old website, you can still help Semen Skater fend off attacks from a bunch of nefarious invading STIs in STI Invaders and also have a game of aSTeroiDs when you’re done.

The new site features a Sexual Health Forum and frequent updates from Private Dick, The Semen Skater and Talulah Fatale.

Right, enough with the links and text, I see I’ve knocked my last piece of illustration off the front page, best get scribbling…

Sleeping line illustration


Late Supersonic write up…


Sunburnt return*


  1. Methinks there are a few double-entendres on that site. Good to see the ASSteroids are still there.

  2. I accidently said to my auntie yesterday that it wasn’t the cars red leather seats that were the problem if left in the sun, but the fact my knob gets too hot to touch…



    You are the new Carry On star….

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