Sunburnt return*

after a fantastic show from Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls in London on thursday night (Birmingham diary date October 3rd) it was off to the Isle of Wight where they secretly still hold the british summer…

Ah, thats what sunshine looks like.

More photos here

*Actually I don’t have sunburn; but the skin on my forehead is peeling slightly, leaving me with that science teachers dandruff effect all down my black shirt, however thats not really a snappy**, or particularly pleasant, title I didn’t think.

**Not that any of the previous titles have been that snappy…


The Red Knob 2.0


I may never get any work done…


  1. Sunburn!? Showoff!

    Did you see any German towers? Oh wait no that’s the Channel Islands. Just Blackgang Chine there. And a railway that’s all old underground trains. I think…..

  2. Wow, did you sign up for ‘updates’ or something? That was quick.

    We did see this from the 1800’s whilst trying to find our way home in the dark, you can see a photo of it in the dark on the photos page.

    There were also roaming gangs of Mods racing around on the unlit night time roads, very spooky, Mind, two lumbering drunks coming out of the roadside may have been equally scary, no sign of Beryl Reid though!

    Oh, the Morris Marina Owners Club seemed to be there too, either that or there really is a time warp on the IOW!

  3. Just droped off a second fish-eye film at the camera shop too…

  4. I was listening to Tommy Boyds ‘give the Isle of Wight to the Agentinians’ today, Fantastic!

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