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For too long Birmingham and the West Midlands have failed to celebrate what is rightfully theirs, to claim the city and the region as home of “heavy metal”. With 2008 being the 40th anniversary of when the phrase “Heavy Metal” was coined it seems like a crucial time to start celebrating!

One of my photos on there too, I do believe (I would have made some more effort if I’d’ve known no one else was taking pictures. As it was my attention was diverted slightly by the free nibbles and wine. I can but apologise).


New artwork soon…


I believe that brandy’s mine…


  1. Wow! How many more plaques can we expect to be tripping over along with Ozzy’s?

  2. Apparently its Norman Painting next. WHOOO? you ask 😕

    Why he’s, Phil Archer in The Archers, apparently…

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