‘Red Right Hand’ society meeting

yesterday in Cwmbran, Wales. Second warehouse next to Lidls apparently.

(I would have got a better photo but there was a sudden rush of traffic for the sainsburys petrol station and the Cwmbran walkers society also decided to made an impromptu appearance.)


Danger: Diabolik!


Chocolate Masala Curry?


  1. Cwmbran… like an erotic breakfast cereal?
    Ach Y Fi!

  2. I would retort however Babelfish dosen’t translate Welsh?!?

  3. Gwisgodd esgidiau ail-law am ei draed!

  4. He wore second-hand shoes on his feet

    says Google?

    Very Cryptic.

    I didn’t know you were langudextrous. I bet you have a rare time with all the Welsh shows they have on the I-player?

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