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My 2008 Minehead Nightmare?

following a couple of eventful previous years which included cars loosing wheels and tumbles down staircases this years All Tomorrows Parties ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ was nicely nightmare free.

Sunset over Butlins Minehead, December 2008

Musically I really enjoyed the sets from The Dirtbombs, Martina Topley Bird and what I saw of the Fantomas set. There are a few photos of the festival, the Dunster by Candlelight festival and some points in between here.


Monkey Jazz?


Next year…


  1. That place looks like it was lost in time. Even the nice cloud scape can’t detract from the desolate landscape. Nightmare indeed.
    Doesn’t help that the picture was taken in the winter. But I get the idea that it’s just as desolate in the summer.

    I’m going back to Abermaw……

  2. And I thought I’d only posted the ‘nice’ photos as well…

    Nevermind, Wetherspoons have bought up the big hotel in the town centre for 2 million quid so things are surely on the up…

    I googled Abermaw but couldn’t understand what I found.

    How about Southwold, the Pier looks fun?

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