Roadside 15-01-09

number five in the series of roadside photos, now in close-encounters-o-vision!

B4088 on a cold January night


Going Nowhere.




  1. OOARRR were it near dusk? I o’ly saaay thaat cos I sees the red in yonder sky. It does have a suitably eerie look to it. What speed was that car doing 90?

    So you’re the strange person lurking about in the laybys’ eh?
    couldn’t wait for the ‘Grease on a stick’ Van to turn up or were you just using the other facilities?

  2. ’twas completely pitch black to be honest. I was very impressed with what my knackered old cannon can do with a bit of effort on my part.

    Is it realy true about it being okay to whiz on your own back wheel?

    Apologies to anyone whose been forwarded on to, apparently my hosts been hacked today though they are on the case.

  3. Thats my favorite tree in the background too you know.

  4. totomix

    HI dude, can i post articles to your blog ? Let me know if you are interested

  5. Hey Dude,

    I think that might be Bogus. Why not get your own blog and write on that, I think that would be radical!

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