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I got quite excited last week* when I saw a poster on a lamppost. This wasn’t because I’ve been wanting to find out what the ‘thebestof…‘ is in my town, nor was I looking to Earn 20k a year working from home or even because its Adam Schrodenrocks birthday [He’s started to look a tad washed out. Mind, he’s been ’21 Today’ for over a week now, I guess that many 21st Birthdays would wear anyone out] anyway, Happy birthday Ad.

No, the reason was seeing this ‘fly-sign’ for the Band ‘High Voltage’ who we’re playing locally. Unfortunately when I got back to the office and did some googling I found out the band I was thinking of was Heavy Load.
Well, its all electrical to me…

I saw the Heavy Load film a couple of weeks ago as a part of the occasionally excellent BBC Storyville series of documentaries. I only mention it here as I notice its one of the films playing at the Borderlines Film Festival in the Hereford region. I’m pretty sure its on some kind of limited general release too.

I don’t actually know if its the same film as the Storyville doc or a new one entirely, it has a running time of about half hour longer than I remember, but then we were watching post pub, so my judgment of time and space may have been corrupted a little. The documentary I saw was very enjoyable and uplifting, its a hard film to sum up, for me clearly as I’ve been meaning to for two weeks, its basically a ‘typical’ band documentary about a very untypical band who encounter all the typical stages of a band[?]. Very enjoyable, hearwarming and funny. I’d highly recommend it. Nice to see Wreckless Eric in there too.
I may edit this later as that doesn’t really cover everything but at least it gets those links out there…

More details on the band and film can be found at the Heavy Load website.

*actually about three weeks ago which is the time its taken me to get around to finishing this post.




Stalking Alan Caddick?


  1. Happy Birthday Ad!


    Do Heavy Load do Cradle of Filth covers?

    You do realise that now your website and my visiting it is now being recorded and logged. All after I googled some nasty slurs on our Glorious Leader.

    This is obviously a front for some evil types…..

  2. Adams posters still up three weeks later. I’ll try to get a photo of his washed out visage…

    I don’t know about Cradle of Filth but they certainly had a few Filthly lyrics in the Kylie cover!

    I dread to think what you’ve been up to on Google….

  3. Well, I went past today with my camera and after three weeks some sods had it away with the Adam Schrodenrock poster, damn them.

    I did take a pic the other day with my homemade pinhole camera job, but the chances of that coming out are slim to none…

  4. Shame Google streetview didn’t immortalise said chap….

  5. Yeah it is. They gave up about Longbridge way, probably saw all the flat empty ground and figured they’d got to the end of civilisation. I guess some might agree.

    Meanwhile I did manage a shot of my current favorite road side sign.

    Thumping, Whooshing, Whooping!!!, sounds like a Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee song title. He does a new sign every few days – this one was twice the size but I guess he figured less is more. Nevermind outsider art, bring us more outsider signage is what I say.

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