Stalking Alan Caddick?

this sight did cheer me up on the way to hospital visiting tonight.


Read the signs…


St Georges Day


  1. Speaking of unusual radio, Listening to this at work this morning was one of the strangest audio experiences since I listened to the Trunk Records Dirty Fan Male CD in similar circumstances.

  2. Starring IVAN BRAKENBERRY! He’s Bonkers!

  3. He is isn’t he. I’m not sure if I’d rather listen to him or the Sara Cox sound-a-like on heart FM in yesterdays taxi.

    …and now another eight at eight, eight back to back songs from the eighties at eight oclock, everyday…

    Do you get wi-fi in hospital these days? Just a thought, got to be better than paying £7 a day to watch the glories of daytime tv…

    Nevermind, how about Down the Line. Talk Radio as it used to be before it became Talk Sport?

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