St Georges Day

I could tell by all the Chinese polyester flags on the BBC Radio cars parked in Stratford-upon-Avon this morning (Shakespeare’s birthday too today.)

It reminded me of a conversation from last week with a guy who sold me a piece of signage from a flea market. He said I was definitely buying an antique as it was made in Taiwan and wasn’t any of this modern Chinese rubbish…


Stalking Alan Caddick?


Comming up…


  1. Like that bowl that bloke broke falling down some museum stairs. It was al-right it was over 3000 years old. Could have new!

    Some cars had on one flag some two. Some had one flag and a sad looking stick. You’d think they’d take more care with the flag!

  2. Is that first part a Haiku?
    Must be some reason it makes no sense at the end?

    Is there a way to measure who the last person to have a magnetic red nose on their car is? I saw two today but thats barely seven weeks after the event. Wonder if anyone will make the year. There should be a prize.

  3. Been… ad been into: could have BEEN new. What do you expect perfection?

    Are those the grinning ones stuck on bonnets? I don’t think they come off.

  4. Ah, I see. Well, I liked the thought of you posting Haiku’s in comments myself.

    I think they may be grinning, hard to tell at fifty miles an hour.
    Well, why make something removable I guess, free advertising for life, or the life of a car bonnet, whichever comes first, terms and conditions apply…

    I know you are eagerly awaiting my tomato blog post this year – I did a search and the last two years seem to have vansihed – I’ll get it online soon, I really need a 34 hour day to get everything done at the moment…

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