So there are three tomatoes walking down the street…

The Chapel at Butlins Minehead on a cold December day
surprisingly I have actually completed a couple of pieces of artwork in the past couple of weeks. Sadly the photos I took didn’t come out too well so I’ll have to take them again.

Until then I’ll just upload a couple of pics from the second fish-eye film I took, here, here and here. Came out okay, a little dark at times.

I also had a go at constructing my own matchbox pinhole camera from various items found around the home, and a couple of things from poundland, with the very excellent guide on Sadly though when I picked up the photos I only received a roll of developed film back and no printed images. Annoyingly, it was my own fault, I wasn’t winding on the film enough and most of the photos are overlapped. I remember when I was younger photo labs used to just process films like that, giving people ‘spooky’ photos to send in to the ghost section of ‘Take-a-Break’. But apparently its all done by computer now and the computer can’t cope with out gaps in the film. Hooray for progress.

So I’ll have another go at that. Meanwhile my Tomatos are growing well…
Week 1
Grow in the bag tomatos, week one.
Week 2
Grow in the bag tomatos, week two.
Week 3
Grow in the bag tomatos, week three.
Week 4
Grow in the bag tomatos, week four.
I’m starting to think that dispite how the packet reads I am going to have to re-pot them as this just isn’t going to work…


Comming up…


Talk Radio – The Midnight Line


  1. I think just buying a new digital camera would have been easier really. Why not build yourself a camera obscura? Now that would be a challange.
    Yes there seem to be too many tomatoes in that bag you will (and possibly have) to use another container. Grow bag anyone?

    Do keep us informed on this venture my own are much biger than I remember before my little ‘holiday’ and will soon have likkle green tommies on them …. ahhhhhh

  2. You’re right.

    They we’re repotted and I have been very lax in taking photos of them – since the project moved from my window sil into the garden.

    I will take some photos over the weekend, if I can stop sneezing long enough to hold the camera still…

    I may have to shell out for a new camera as it is, it seems six years of jigging about at gigs in my pocket may have been too much for my old Cannon.

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