‘Roadside’ 14-06-09

number six in the series of roadside photos. At the start line of the excellent MG’s in the Trees event organised by South Staffs MG Owners club.

at the starting line for MG's in the Trees


The Screamin’ Festival 2009*


Tomatos, Week 15


  1. LOOK an EVIL racist in a helmet! Let’s throw some eggs at him!.

    Sorry I’ve been in hospital and haven’t seen much in the way of news. Is that Nick Griffon with the flag?

  2. Welcome back Big D.

    Its been far too quiet here without you, what with you being the only one that seems to read this. And the only one capable of a semantic back flip that takes this image and ends up with that comment, Johnny Morris and Jammo would be proud.

    I think if you’re after evil racists you need to listen to Tommy Boyds current home over at Play UK where the Hermann Goering of the party has a staggeringly dreary show. A very strange situation that…

    Its down for a Talk Radio post in the future but in the mean time the station is well summed up here.

  3. If I ever get another car I’d like it to be a R25. I had a brand new one as a company car a number of years ago and despite most people turning their noses up at the thought, it was a great little motor. Very underated in my view. I also had a much more powerful Vectra which was shit-off-shovel at roundabouts but not as much fun as the 25.

    Actually I just popped over to thank you Chris for alerting me to the Peel at Glastonbury broadcasts. They would have passed me by otherwise, I’m sure.

  4. Cheers Gary. Only came across them myself by accident, was nice to hear though.

    I think Peels coverage and random insights we’re what made the coverage.

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