Superosnic bound…

leaving on a jet plane. I don’t know when I’ll be back again*

*Well, actually it’ll most likely be an Alexander Dennis Enviro300 bus, and I’ll probably be back first thing monday. But hey, wheres the poetry in that.

Supersonic Festival

Superosinic Festival 2009 Poster

If you can’t make it along why not check out the excellent podcasts from Little Chris on the ever enjoyable Brumcast, here and here.


Tomatos, Week 15


Supersonic 2009


  1. Thorrs’ Hammer RAWR!
    Sounds like a good band without even seeing them.
    But PRAM? Not even The Pram.
    Or The Prams.
    Or Dr Prams’ Magic Allotment of Weird Jazz Nonsense.

    Head Of David…. Nice!

  2. I’m wearing my Thorr’s Hammer shirt as I type!

    Did you see The Shuffling Hungarians in town the week before?

    How can you be from Brum and not know of Pram?

    As it turned out I didn’t see Pram either this time as they we’re in a small part of the venue and it was tickets only. Still, a very good couple of days, four pound a pint to begin with though!!!, However, like last year, this gradually went down during the course of the weekend and this year I was very carefull with my change and made it to the weekends close without getting short changed. Result.

  3. The closest I’ve got to town these past months is up the shops. I don’t think I could survive a trip on the ‘Most Excellent’ Buses…..

    Oh you never forget a short-changer do you?

    Let it lie…..

  4. Sorry to hear that mister C. Do you think you’ll be up and about in time for the eleven on the eleven in November?

    Well, in the meantime, theres always utube.

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