Searching for Searchers 2.0

so it seems I’ve missed my chance to see Alex Coxlatest last film, Again

I would happily pay to see it at a cinema, I’d buy it on DVD, but it seems you can’t do either, the only way to see it so far is on the BBC. ‘Fantastic thats free’ I here you cry, but alas, when it was broadcast on digital tv I was away on holiday, and for its terrestrial premier of last night, well, the early hours of the morning to be precise.
Me? I was unaware it was on and fast asleep have driven round half of Wales yesterday. I know I’ll see it eventually some how, but its a shame that a possible gem like this from arguably the most interesting British director working today it goes unannounced, untrailered and is screened at a time when people might happen upon it.

I wonder if I’ll see this Searchers 2.0, or Repo Chick first. Only time will tell…

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  1. Acording to Mr.Cox himself, “The BBC have bought UK broadcast rights and will – after its TV premiere – make the film available as a download.” source:

    So it could have been downloaded too!

    Coxy will always have a special place in my heart, following the cinematic education he gave me via the legendary Moviedrome.

    Had a search around a few of my regular haunts which include just this kind of low budget left field fare, but sadly came up blank. It has to be out there somewhere. Someone has it. I’ll put it on my search list. ;-p

  2. Cheers Gary.

    I think it went on the iPlayer after its first showing – by the time I found out it was on there still be ‘unavailible’

    I’m sure it will turn up eventually.

    Moviedrome was a great way to end a weekend wasn’t it, though often leaving me short on sleep for the next day. I didn’t realise untill I read in an interview that it was the producer Nick Jones who selected the films rather than Alex Cox himself. Either way it was never the same when Marc Cousins took over.

    Obscure and ‘foreign’ films on prime time TV, well, just about prime time, won’t ever see that again I don’t think.

  3. It was most definitely Nick Jones’ baby, but I don’t recall that he chose the films. I do remember the choice was governed solely by the then-present contents of the BBC film library.

    Movidrome was the perfect weekend back then. Happy days.

    No, you’re right that it was never as enjoyable without Alex. Cousins certainly knew his subject, but Cox’s insider knowledge and cynicism lent it a unique authority. How I wished I kept all those that I recorded to VHS. A number of the link segments were shared online a while ago however. (Let me know if you’d like them.)

    Cox also hosted a western film season on, ITV2 I think it was, some time ago. Same format as Moviedrome essentially.

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