Suicide Hill

suicide hill, 10'x7' ink and gouache, 1999

tThis was a piece done all the way back in 1999, inspired by the early James Ellroy novel of the same name. Well, that and a youth raised on seeing those square 80’s black and whites in every film and TV show.

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The Big Scary UK Freeze of 2010


Thank you Mister Chunu Miah


  1. ‘Its not every day someone sends you a surgeons gown in the post.’

    I will now be making a close examination of any Doctor I see…..

    Twit-er – for people who havent got anyone else to shout at on the phone.

    I se Mr K. has joined ….

  2. Be very afraid.

    They’re very tricky to fold after you’ve put them on you know.

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