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a lot has been said on this in the past view days and if you do like the station and would like it to stay then this blog offers some great advice. There are also a wide range of eloquent, heartfelt letters being posted on the forfolkssake website.

Speaking personally its the only ‘music’ station I regularly listen to, well, okay, I do listen to Brumcast on Rhubarb Radio too but thats just the once a week, Several of the shows on 6 Music fulfill the two things I want from music radio. Presenters who are enthusiastic for what they do and music I’ve not heard before. Its been good to hear John Peels name mentioned so often within the pieces I’ve read about the station and I think it true that the station as a whole goes some way to replacing a lot of what he did for both new and old music.

When ever the license fee discussion comes up I think that both 6 Music and BBC 7 justify the cost to me. I can’t say much of the output on many of the other stations and certainly a large portion of the TV content does for me.

As I saw someone write on Twitter

John Peel would be spinning in his grave. Quite possibly at the wrong speed


Thank you Mister Chunu Miah


First time using a graphics tablet


  1. Webazoot

    As long as there’s another series of ‘On the Blog’ in production.

  2. You’ll be okay Dave, thats a radio 2 job apparently. It sounds up there with ‘two pints…’ from the synopsis so I’m not sure if you’re being funny or not…

    I could happily do without that bloke who does the Dalek voices doing the continuity announcements on BBC 7, hes not quite as funny as he thinks he is, esspecialy at two in the morning.

    *note to self, write more imaginative titles in future.

  3. Webazoot

    I never listen to 6 music and the only time I found 7 they had an ‘amusing’ play about a transvestite submarine captain or some thing like that and it sounded very radio 4 all fake sound effects etc. But then people do listen to 5, 6 and 7 so must be paying for them in their telly tax. Why not get rid of some of the overpaid executive is what I think… my name’s not Ben Elton Goodnight!

  4. Webazoot

    executives I meant. Oh where is my proof reader when I need them?

  5. I shall be searching the archives today for that Play, its been far too long since I last saw a play about transvestite submarine captains.

    I discovered yesterday at some ungodly hour its ceebeebies on 7 from about five am. Its all a bit too jolly for me first thing in the morning but I suppose I’m not the traget audience.

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