First time using a graphics tablet

not my normal style or technique of work, but I’d always wanted to try out using a graphics tablet.

I bought a very cheap Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet form Aldi, or maybe Lidl, some time ago. This shirt design gave me the excuse to have a play. I was quite pleased with the results, and it created far less mess over the garden, the carpet and the curtains than chucking paint at a canvas by hand like I normally do tend to. Anyway, have a look…

Design for 3 Counties MG T-Shirt

Three Counties MG* are an MG based car club covering Staffordshire, Worcestshire and Shropshire run by enthusiasts to promote interest in MG cars throughout the Midlands area.

*in 2016 the domain changed, hence the discrepancy in domain names here.


BBC 6 Music


Roadside 02-03-10


  1. Webazoot

    How about a nice video of you grinning at the camera and overtaking your mate while your navigator takes photos and gets you lost again?

    Yes I sat through several minutes of webazoot’s you tube offerings. Funny I can’t afford an MG…..

  2. Mines in the garage. I can’t afford it either.

    Thinking of buying an ice cream van myself. I hear they really go…

  3. Webazoot

    Ho Ho!

    You’ll never sell any going at that speed. 😉

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