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i found this down behind the TV the other day. Well, it wasn’t quite like this, it was an attempt to repaint my original ‘extra width’ piece from about ten years ago as a larger piece in oils. It all went a bit wrong I thought but it was a large-ish canvas and it seemed a shame to bin it.

So the other week when I found it I did what your not supposed to, dug it out, sanded it off some and repainted over the oils with acrylics. I’m sure this isn’t great for the long term life of the painting and in places the brushwork is far too heavy. However I think it looks a lot better than it did, and its too good to put back down behind the desk/tv. So now what to do with it…

Extra width, 32 x 12 in acrylic, 2010


Roadside 02-03-10


Sex In Gloucester…

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  1. Webazoot

    +Sucks air in through teeth whilst shaking head slowly+
    No good will come of it acrylic on oil. Something is going to give that you sandpapered it might work somehow. And the oil is possibly dry….. . Oil on acrylic is fine though.

    You can’t park there not at this hour on these lines? ….look at the time….. gonna need a ticket here… oi don’t walk off… what are you two staring at… ah… nice gun…

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