Martina the Parrot

A departure from the normal kind of thing I would do – I recently speant a day painting a poitrait of a stuffed parrot.

It was completed for a friends birthday as said parrot has spent the last year travelling the world with a variety of MG car owners on his behalf, raising some money for Weston Park Hospital along the way.

I should add the idea was inspired by the lovely toy paintings of Jennifer Maher

Martina the Parrot

Martina came with me to the Screamin Festival in Pineda de Mar, Spain last year, here she is in fact with myself sat in the towns main square listening to some good old fashioned Rock and Roll one evening.

Martina the Parrot with myself.

I still remember the sense of horror as I woke up form a particularly late and heavy night when all I could remember was leaving the towns rock bar in the early hours and an altercation with a JCB on the walk home. I had no idea where she was but luckily she had made it home with us and her tour continued.

I’m actually quite jealous of the life shes had and the places shes visited in the last twelve months. I wonder if I could orchestrate such a trip for myself…


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  1. Fabulous! Just found this post while Googling myself — Love the painting and the parrot’s raucous story! Thanks for the mention.

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