Logo design is clearly sometimes an art in itself. I’ve seen the kind of work you get on those “$5’s for a logo with unlimited revisions” websites* and while its not always true you get what you pay for, sometimes it really is.

This is all just a long winded way to post the following.

A friend of mine was launching a new forum as, while Facebook may be great for keeping in touch its groups and pages don’t work very well or give you many options to manage and organise information – Anything a few days old is pretty much lost in the either.

The forum is named All Mod Cons and is aimed to be new a forum for enthusiasts of modified cars.

The logo needed to be multifunctional so it could both be used as an identity for the website and across social media as well as suitable for promotional items and stickers. As such there were two main designs…

All Mod Cons - Logo

All Mod Cons logo text line

I also did a 3D treatment on the logo for promotional purposes…

3D Logo Design

This website is more about the illustration work I do, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of design, both web and graphic, over the past year so this seemed worth sharing in order to kick-start some updates.

I’m working on getting a portfolio up featuring more of the design work I do shortly over at Hathway Creative. You have been warned.

All Mod Cons logo sticker

*Cheap client in a previous job and life. Basically what happened was you got six really poor logos, and then had to ask them to revise two of them, they would then ignore everything you’d asked for and send you something worse, and so on and so on. Its basically a war of attrition and its the client who looses as the $5 logo people never give up, but nor do they deliver much of worth or use.