i quite like photo bloging, see The view from the office, but at the same time I really couldn’t face another social network and I enjoy doing it anonymously* or at least without much thought beyond the photos themselves.

I signed up for Instagram a while back, admittedly under my own name, I didn’t use it much but would upload the occasional image I’d taken that I liked or that marked something specific. I didn’t post any descriptions or tags, just liked having a photoblog I didn’t have to think about. I also enjoyed the additional task of making a square composition (I’m now one of those who thinks the fact that you can now add non square images just isn’t cricket).

However I’d forgotten that sometime ago it was bought by facebook and while I had chosen not to link the two recently it seems facebook looked at my telephone number for both accounts, put two and two together, and showed everyone I know where I am.

I’m still resolutely not adding twenty hashtags to each and every post so I refuse to fully play their game but yes, I’m coming out! I am on instagram (very occasionally) too! Find me @chrishathway.

So to start heres a photo from Brimham Rocks, which were resolutely more impressive and enjoyable than the National Trust website suggested – if you are in the area, do go check them out

Brimham Rocks via Instagram

(I should warn any potential visitors you its £7 on the car park and theres no change machine. Or you could just risk it…)

*I can’t tell you about my other photo blogs well, because.