This is just a quick recommendation for the wonderful, okay, deep breath…
El Diabolik’s World of Psychotronic Soundtracks podcast/show.

A finer show covering soundtrack and library music from, I guess, the 60s, 70s and 80s I have yet to find.

Well presented with a nice mix of talk and songs they also go the extra mile in posting the regularly fantastic cover art from the releases played during each show on the website.

Read more and listen via the website at or tune in/subscribe via itunes or spotify.

This post bought to you by several days spent decorating which has left me all caught up with my podcasts along with a paint splattered phone.

In a genuine, non clickbaity way, if anyone knows of similar podcasts of this nature, not necessarily film soundtracks only, please do recommend them in the comments – I’m well stocked for talk based ones but a little light when it comes to those of the musical variety.