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Looking for The Barbican Bootleg

I‘m trying to track down, and willing to buy*, a copy of Frizzi 2 Fulci – The Barbican Bootleg on Beat Records Company of Italy.

I was at the show at the Barbican for Halloween of 2014 and it was a great show.

I’ve been to a few of these kind of things now and for the diversity of music and performance this was probably the best so I’d recommend it if you like this kind of thing and have the chance.

Why am I trying to track down a copy of this specific release and posting it on here I hear you ask?

Well the short answer is because a photo I took on the night was used on the back cover of this release without my knowledge…

Frizzi 2 Fulci at The Barbican in October 2014

Frizzi 2 Fulci The Barbican Bootleg Beat Records Company release

I only found out about it when a friend sent me a link to a copy that had just sold on eBay. Seems a few sold on there but I guess, perhaps as the music isn’t fully licensed or something based on the title, and they only seem to sell this CD at live shows.

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Looking for Moccas

i‘ve just spent a very enjoyable evening driving the moonlit backroads and highways of Herefordshire.

It wasn’t exactly the evening I had planned, ‘BAFTA Presents: Bruce Robinson in Conversation with Francine Stock’, which was a part of the Borderlines Film Festival, was the planned entertainment for the evening.

I’d printed out some directions from google and also had had a look online. I don’t have any of this modern sat-nav type technology and my phone is too archaic for the internet but with a map and a couple of AtoZ’s in the car I tend to get on just fine, we live in a country thats pretty good on signposts as it goes.  I’d picked a route taking me through Leominster as it looked the simplest way to get to the venue whilst bypassing the Worcester to Hereford road and the ring road of Hereford. I thought this would be a simpler journey. Well, my plan went fine, the clouds looked a little biblical as I approached Tenbury, seeing signs mentioning the bridge through the town was still closed, I’d passed it the day before it was closed off in January so I really should’ve thought of this. Luckily it was the road after I needed.

Things did start to go wrong just after my directions read ‘Continue on to…’

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Searchers 2.0: Found.

just a very quick note to say the recent-ish Alex Cox film Searchers 2.0 which I’ve been moaning on about being unable to see for quite some time was again shown on the BBC last weekend, once again in the wee small hours.

Luckily I was just shutting things down for the night when I noticed it was due to be on at 01:15 on Monday morning. Que an hour spent wiring up and old video recorder in order to get a couple of hours sleep and be able to enjoy it properly*.

Of course, you can watch it on the iPlayer for 7 days it transpres, so that was an hour wasted. Link page is here.

Still, my efforts of setting up the video at least mean if BBC 2 continue last weekends practice of showing interestng and cult films in the early hours I am now prepared [If can find somewhere that sells blank videos.] Last weekend saw screenings of a Charles Burnett film I’d not seen, a repeat of the always watchable Wise Blood And finaly a heartwarmng tale about a chap of shortened growth who just wanted some time to himself, The Station Agent. I could half identify with the protagonist in that, I should add I’m a little over six foot myself.

Anyway I’ve since come down wth a stinking cold so haven’t watched Searchers 2.0 myself yet. But I’m finaly looking forward to it, all good things and all that.

Meanwhile Mister Cox is soon to be treating us to a visualy restored version of his classic [IMHO] Straight To Hell, another film I first saw on video. I have to say it looks fantastic compared to what I remember of the originals quality…

*If it is in fact illegal to record a flim off of the TV to watch later then it was a ‘friend’ who did this, okay?

Even Angels Eat Beans*

tonight I’m going to be cooking Spaghetti Pomodoro and watching a film from the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill collectors box, and seeing if they are as enjoyable to watch now as when I first saw them when I was about ten years old.

Incidentally the box set contains a different ten films to those listed on some websites, including the place I bought mine from, but for a little over a tenner I’ve no complaints. I was going to work my way through them in order but given the very Basic dutch packaging, that I can’t read, and the numerous AKA’s for each title I may just start with the first disk.

I shall report back…

*I should explain the post titles is one of the films American titles, also know as ‘Al Capone enantion trinita’, ‘Der Dicke in Amerika’, ‘2 angeloi tou samata’ and the original ‘Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli’

Searching for Searchers 2.0

so it seems I’ve missed my chance to see Alex Coxlatest last film, Again

I would happily pay to see it at a cinema, I’d buy it on DVD, but it seems you can’t do either, the only way to see it so far is on the BBC. ‘Fantastic thats free’ I here you cry, but alas, when it was broadcast on digital tv I was away on holiday, and for its terrestrial premier of last night, well, the early hours of the morning to be precise.
Me? I was unaware it was on and fast asleep have driven round half of Wales yesterday. I know I’ll see it eventually some how, but its a shame that a possible gem like this from arguably the most interesting British director working today it goes unannounced, untrailered and is screened at a time when people might happen upon it.

I wonder if I’ll see this Searchers 2.0, or Repo Chick first. Only time will tell…

{insert tumbleweed here}

Read the signs…

I got quite excited last week* when I saw a poster on a lamppost. This wasn’t because I’ve been wanting to find out what the ‘thebestof…‘ is in my town, nor was I looking to Earn 20k a year working from home or even because its Adam Schrodenrocks birthday [He’s started to look a tad washed out. Mind, he’s been ’21 Today’ for over a week now, I guess that many 21st Birthdays would wear anyone out] anyway, Happy birthday Ad.

No, the reason was seeing this ‘fly-sign’ for the Band ‘High Voltage’ who we’re playing locally. Unfortunately when I got back to the office and did some googling I found out the band I was thinking of was Heavy Load.
Well, its all electrical to me…

I saw the Heavy Load film a couple of weeks ago as a part of the occasionally excellent BBC Storyville series of documentaries. I only mention it here as I notice its one of the films playing at the Borderlines Film Festival in the Hereford region. I’m pretty sure its on some kind of limited general release too.

I don’t actually know if its the same film as the Storyville doc or a new one entirely, it has a running time of about half hour longer than I remember, but then we were watching post pub, so my judgment of time and space may have been corrupted a little. The documentary I saw was very enjoyable and uplifting, its a hard film to sum up, for me clearly as I’ve been meaning to for two weeks, its basically a ‘typical’ band documentary about a very untypical band who encounter all the typical stages of a band[?]. Very enjoyable, hearwarming and funny. I’d highly recommend it. Nice to see Wreckless Eric in there too.
I may edit this later as that doesn’t really cover everything but at least it gets those links out there…

More details on the band and film can be found at the Heavy Load website.

*actually about three weeks ago which is the time its taken me to get around to finishing this post.

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