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Books, Bridges and Beer

is my attempt to come up with a more interesting title for this post. Seems to sum up my all to breif trip to New York City last month.

Empire State Building from 30 Rockefeller Plaza

The whole thing was originally cancelled due to the Eyjafjoell(Glad I’m writing that rather than speaking it) volcano ‘event’ but I happened to re book on the first flight to actually leave Birmingham when the flights started leaving a week to the day I was originally actually suposed to leave on.

The above photo is from the ‘Top of the Rock’ which, while giving truely fantastical views was a slightly underwhelming experience and certainly over priced.

To continue with the title theme after a long mornings walk and a well deserved Mary Ann’s Punch I managed to stumble upon the relocated Mysterious Bookshop. Luckily they had just taken delivery of their limited run of what is being talked of as the final novel by three-time Edgar Award winner Donald E. Westlake.

Was nice to be able to buy a copy there and also pick up an anthology from Lawerence Block that I’d not seen before. I just read today that there may be a few more unpublished Westlake novels in the ether, which is good news (in fact the three books co written with Mr Block are due for publication later this year, the admirably titled Hellcats and Honeygirls).


I also made it to Brooklyn for the first time. It seems that now the majoritly of the more interesting(to me) musical events and several of the cities venues have now moved across the river.

TTV photo of the Brooklyn Bridge

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Vague update

b ooked holiday last year. Holiday postponed a week due to unimaginative end of days type scenario, holiday taken a week later, arrived home to colossal cold. Now three weeks or so behind with various projects. More later…

Meanwhile this looks to be of interest at the newly reopened MAC arts centre in Brum. I spent much of my youth watching films at the MAC [and the Triangle], I still can’t watch Apocalypse Now without remembering the Chinese lady who screamed, shot up in the air and all but landed on my mate Phil when the tiger appeared during the ‘never get out of the boat’ scene at a showing there. Also remember seeing Clive Barker do a very entertaining talk there which we skived school to see if memory serves.

More recently I seem to recall their film program becoming quite mainstream so I’m hoping we might see a return to showings of the occasional obscure gem, or at least that I might get to see the next Alex Cox film when/if it gets a UK release. Certainly great to have the centre back and I look forward to a visit in the near future, not too sure on the new website, looks nice but not that great at delivering useful information, time will tell I guess…

I’ll certainly be tuning in to have a listen though as I can’t resist things regard local talk radio, well, apart from the actual Talk RadioSport station. I can’t see me making it along to the show, or to be a ‘performer’ , given the work backlog and the fact I’m aiming to get to the Screamin Festival in Spain at the end of the month, but you never know…

I should add some details;


Radio Z is the last station on the dial before the static and the microwaves and pulsar radiation.

The hosts of the night time show Tuning Out know all about facing down the void. Each night they start the show blank, with nothing planned, armed with just a stack of charity shop records and six hours in which to calm the world’s chaos and settle its people down to sleep.

This is a theatre show, which is also a radio show. You can listen to Tuning Out at home on-line via our website but true excitement comes when you visit its extraordinary studio in the theatre and become privy to presenter’s deeply compromised off-mic World.

Improvised afresh each night the show relies on content in part from messages and fragments of writing sent in during the course of the show by its listeners and audiences, both live and at home.

mac’s new Media Studio will be open for visitors wishing to contribute to the show and wireless facilities will be available throughout the building.

More about Tuning Out with radio z, which is on 13-15 May, here

Roadside 14-03-10

number twelve in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 14-03-10 (taken by my friend John)

Thank you Mister Chunu Miah

Well, it looks like the times are a changin and my local, and favorite, Indian reasturant has closed its doors. There was a closed for renovation sign at Tamanna Exclusive Asian Cuisine in Bromsgrove recently and then one of those ‘temporary’ vinyl signs for a new business opening soon.

I’d been going to the place since before it was the Tamanna, back in the Balti Garden days. Whist there was a fondness for that place with its more cosy lighting and rickety private booth seating the ‘revamp’ of a few years ago was probably well needed.

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The Big Scary UK Freeze of 2010

or the end of the world as some would have it.

After a week of that, and having some pictures in the local newspapers ‘Snow watch’ its back to busy busy busy. Got a few things on and working on some paintings, hope to update the gallery on here soon. Its been far too long. Then theres the shop page. Should really sort that out. What I really need is some kind of 168 hour weekend. Anyway, heres the snow watch pictures in a size where you can see them properly. May have overdone it with the filter on the first two.

The following quote did make me laugh

THESE beautiful pictures of Bromsgrove were taken by Chris Hathway and clearly show how beautiful the town looked during the wintry weather.

Its taken me three trips to the local park so far to find places that aren’t either over ridden with signage, full of street furniture that isn’t really suited to a park, it being ‘street’ furniture, or thats a nice view ruined by one of the varied coloured dog poo bins which are placed in the most random manner posible, in fact, maybe a second post to follow.

05/01/10 #uksnow Recreation Ground

05/01/10 #uksnow ST Johns Church

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Its no joke

really, its not a joke…

Christmas Cracker Joke

Does that even make sense? Okay, so this one does…

Christmas Cracker Joke

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