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Roadside 24-08-09

number seven in the series of roadside photos. Here is should be the view of the Aran Mountains on a sunny foggy August afternoon.

Roadside 24-08-09

The Wreckless Eric Radio Show

I was checking up on the upcoming UK dates from Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby and came across Erics new radio show.

Its passes the two requirements of ‘good’ music radio in my book; One, The presenter isn’t annoying, in fact Eric has a great line in amusing assides as anyone whos seen his live shows or read his book will know, and Two, I ended up buying a CD from a band I’d not heard of before after listening to it. Result.

You can ‘tune in’ here for as long as it continues.

Supersonic 2009

hmmm, its taken me a couple of days to get my thoughts together around this years Supersonic Festival. First up, I enjoyed it a lot. But, it seemed to end on a bit of a low for me and It didn’t seem as if I’d enjoyed it as much as I did last years weekend, nor the years before and I couldn’t really work out why. Actually, I’m not really sure you should compare one years to another, like most people I think my memory tends to improve on the reality highlighting the good and toning down the bad, but I couldn’t help myself, so here goes;

Tonight I was sat in my local arts centre, watching a band from the early sixties go through their paces, with a pint of beer at £2.10 [rather than £4.00!!!] and immaculate toilets [rather than, well, less said the better] Seven days before I’d been watching Light Trap, Thorrs Hammer and Monotonix. While the music I was sat watching, with my reasonably priced pint, was good, at some times it felt like watching a pub band, and not a good one at that. During the pub band moments I got my thoughts together on what I enjoyed, what I didn’t and why from the Supersonic weekend.

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Superosnic bound…

leaving on a jet plane. I don’t know when I’ll be back again*

*Well, actually it’ll most likely be an Alexander Dennis Enviro300 bus, and I’ll probably be back first thing monday. But hey, wheres the poetry in that.

Supersonic Festival

Superosinic Festival 2009 Poster

If you can’t make it along why not check out the excellent podcasts from Little Chris on the ever enjoyable Brumcast, here and here.

Tomatos, Week 15

just for Dave…

Grow in the bag tomatos, flowers at last, week fifteen.
Grow in the bag tomatos, or not, week fifteen.
Grow in the bag tomatos, not in the bag anymore, week fifteen.

The non-99p-packet of soil and seeds plants are however, doing far better…

too easy.

‘Roadside’ 14-06-09

number six in the series of roadside photos. At the start line of the excellent MG’s in the Trees event organised by South Staffs MG Owners club.

at the starting line for MG's in the Trees

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