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Roadside 8-7-17

A bit late posting this but then, I had to wait until I came out as an Instagram user.

Chateau Impney Hill Climb

Taken during a pause on track at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb. I do like this one and would quite like to try a painting based on it too. Actually I have a few photos taken over the past three years from the event which I’d like to do the same of. I sense something being added to the ‘to-do list’. We shall see.

There are a couple more photos from the event up on my other* instagram account, which is more work focused, here.

*I know, like buses, this long a wait and now two accounts all at once 🙂

Yet another social network…

i quite like photo bloging, see The view from the office, but at the same time I really couldn’t face another social network and I enjoy doing it anonymously* or at least without much thought beyond the photos themselves.

I signed up for Instagram a while back, admittedly under my own name, I didn’t use it much but would upload the occasional image I’d taken that I liked or that marked something specific. I didn’t post any descriptions or tags, just liked having a photoblog I didn’t have to think about. I also enjoyed the additional task of making a square composition (I’m now one of those who thinks the fact that you can now add non square images just isn’t cricket).

However I’d forgotten that sometime ago it was bought by facebook and while I had chosen not to link the two recently it seems facebook looked at my telephone number for both accounts, put two and two together, and showed everyone I know where I am.

I’m still resolutely not adding twenty hashtags to each and every post so I refuse to fully play their game but yes, I’m coming out! I am on instagram (very occasionally) too! Find me @chrishathway.

So to start heres a photo from Brimham Rocks, which were resolutely more impressive and enjoyable than the National Trust website suggested – if you are in the area, do go check them out

Brimham Rocks via Instagram

(I should warn any potential visitors you its £7 on the car park and theres no change machine. Or you could just risk it…)

*I can’t tell you about my other photo blogs well, because.

Roadside 28-4-17

I know you’d thought I’d forgot about this site altogether, but here is Number 23 in the apparently increasingly sporadic series of roadside photos.

Roadside 28-4-17 - Dungeness

I recently was passing near to Dungeness and as Britains only desert (disputed) I couldn’t resist the short detour. After all the very first version of this website, from back in nineteen ninety whatever, was named ‘Wilderness and Neon’.

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Looking for The Barbican Bootleg

I‘m trying to track down, and willing to buy*, a copy of Frizzi 2 Fulci – The Barbican Bootleg on Beat Records Company of Italy.

I was at the show at the Barbican for Halloween of 2014 and it was a great show.

I’ve been to a few of these kind of things now and for the diversity of music and performance this was probably the best so I’d recommend it if you like this kind of thing and have the chance.

Why am I trying to track down a copy of this specific release and posting it on here I hear you ask?

Well the short answer is because a photo I took on the night was used on the back cover of this release without my knowledge…

Frizzi 2 Fulci at The Barbican in October 2014

Frizzi 2 Fulci The Barbican Bootleg Beat Records Company release

I only found out about it when a friend sent me a link to a copy that had just sold on eBay. Seems a few sold on there but I guess, perhaps as the music isn’t fully licensed or something based on the title, and they only seem to sell this CD at live shows.

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Roadside 14-1-15


Number 22 in the apparently increasingly occasional series of roadside photos.

Roadside 14-1-15 - Peugeot 405, High Peak

Happy New Year anyway, and Happy Birthday for last year top… sorry that I missed it.

The View from the Office

i started taking photographs from the office kitchen window around 2009 when we moved offices. One each morning while the computers are warming up at around 8am. Dates are approximate as I tend to upload a weeks worth and file them to filter in to the tumblr over the following week.

I changed camera once  during this and also I seem to have lost a bunch of early ones, due largely to not thinking of setting up a tumblr to upload/archive them.

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