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Roadside 10-07-10

number 14 in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 10-07-10 @ The Dog in the Lane, Shropshire

Fields opposite the humourosly titled ‘Dog in the Lane’ in Astley, Shropshire.

Roadside 16-05-10

number thirteen in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 16-05-10 National Air Traffic Services Radar at Titterstone Clee

A photo of the National Air Traffic Services radar at Titterstone Clee, titter ye not.

Seemed appropriate give the amount of flight grief many have had this, and last, month. More updates soon, when either the temperature reaches a more conducive to work level or else I find an air conditioned bunker to work in…

Roadside 14-03-10

number twelve in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 14-03-10 (taken by my friend John)

Roadside 02-03-10

number eleven in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 02-03-10

A night taxi driving.

The Big Scary UK Freeze of 2010

or the end of the world as some would have it.

After a week of that, and having some pictures in the local newspapers ‘Snow watch’ its back to busy busy busy. Got a few things on and working on some paintings, hope to update the gallery on here soon. Its been far too long. Then theres the shop page. Should really sort that out. What I really need is some kind of 168 hour weekend. Anyway, heres the snow watch pictures in a size where you can see them properly. May have overdone it with the filter on the first two.

The following quote did make me laugh

THESE beautiful pictures of Bromsgrove were taken by Chris Hathway and clearly show how beautiful the town looked during the wintry weather.

Its taken me three trips to the local park so far to find places that aren’t either over ridden with signage, full of street furniture that isn’t really suited to a park, it being ‘street’ furniture, or thats a nice view ruined by one of the varied coloured dog poo bins which are placed in the most random manner posible, in fact, maybe a second post to follow.

05/01/10 #uksnow Recreation Ground

05/01/10 #uksnow ST Johns Church

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Roadside 20-12-09

number ten in the series of near regular roadside photos.

Roadside 20-12-09 TTV Image

This was taken with a TTV contraption, inspired to have a go by Pete Ashton’s pictures, and taken on a snowy winters morn outside the Bear’s Head in Brereton, Sandbach. I was checking the pubs name online, and it seems a lot of the pubs in the area are named after parts of a bears anatomy, The Bear’s Paw, The Black Bear Inn, The Beartown Tap, wonder why?

More updates soon. I’m just finishing off my second flu bug of the winter and I think two is quite enough for this year.

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