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Roadside 14-03-10

number twelve in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 14-03-10 (taken by my friend John)

Roadside 02-03-10

number eleven in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 02-03-10

A night taxi driving.

Roadside 20-12-09

number ten in the series of near regular roadside photos.

Roadside 20-12-09 TTV Image

This was taken with a TTV contraption, inspired to have a go by Pete Ashton’s pictures, and taken on a snowy winters morn outside the Bear’s Head in Brereton, Sandbach. I was checking the pubs name online, and it seems a lot of the pubs in the area are named after parts of a bears anatomy, The Bear’s Paw, The Black Bear Inn, The Beartown Tap, wonder why?

More updates soon. I’m just finishing off my second flu bug of the winter and I think two is quite enough for this year.

Roadside 03-12-09

number eight in the series of very occasional roadside photos. I suppose strictly this is an under the roadside photo as it was taken on floor one of the Arcadian Centre car park on Bromsgrove Street in Birmingham.

Roadside 03-12-09

Roadside 24-08-09

number seven in the series of roadside photos. Here is should be the view of the Aran Mountains on a sunny foggy August afternoon.

Roadside 24-08-09

‘Roadside’ 14-06-09

number six in the series of roadside photos. At the start line of the excellent MG’s in the Trees event organised by South Staffs MG Owners club.

at the starting line for MG's in the Trees

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