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Roadside 15-01-09

number five in the series of roadside photos, now in close-encounters-o-vision!

B4088 on a cold January night

yesterday in Cwmbran, Wales. Second warehouse next to Lidls apparently.

(I would have got a better photo but there was a sudden rush of traffic for the sainsburys petrol station and the Cwmbran walkers society also decided to made an impromptu appearance.)

Roadside 15-05-08

number four in the series of roadside photos, now in fish-eye-o-vision!

Empty country road from the drivers seat.

Some more photos from my first film in my christmas gift fish eye camera

Could almost be the title sequence from Kojack

The alternative to crop circles?, geometric random road stripes.

Subliminal advertising?

View from the breakfast table of the Stagedoor Delicatessen

So far i’ve learned I need to get closer to things and that taking photos is low light it a waste of film.

Roadside 02-04-08

number three in the increasingly random series of roadside photos.

I was at the post office today, and whist endlessly queuing and pondering whether Kangaroos really cannot walk down stairs I was surprised to find myself surrounded on every work surface and shelf by…

Could they be the next villain in the increasingly farcically comedic Doctor Who?

Still, it’ll give the local paper something to write about I suppose.

Roadside 13-02-08

number two in the occasional series of roadside photos. I’ll either get bored with this once the weather changes or I won’t…

Roadside 13-02-08

Roadside 11-02-08

number one in an occasional series of roadside photos, or photos taken at the roadside, if you prefer…

Roadside 11-02-08

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