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i can make an educated guess as to why I ended up with three bulky copies of this months Birmingham Town Hall/Symphony Hall brochure though the post. My address is spelt in slightly different variations on each thick white lumpy envelope, all in uppercase on one, correctly on another and then a mix of uppercase and lowercase on the third. I guess they’ve gathered them up from tickets I’ve bought in various places and added each instance to their list.

I have no idea at all how I ended up on the Monto Water Rats Weekly email Update, I’m not in London that often so its kind of irrelevant to me too, but I don’t like to complain…

I was similarly confused to find a newsletter from Drift Records arriving in my inbox, I’m sure I’ve never signed up for it, In fact I’d never heard of Drift Records at all, though I had heard, and bought, the album by The R. G. Morrison who seems to be one of the guiding forces behind it.

Anyway, there I was, tied to the laptop, toiling away on the hottest saturday of the year when it popped into my inbox. Such was my involvement with the work I was doing at the time, and my intrigue at any label with a record called ‘Finish your chips’ that I was soon off, trawling round the interweb sampling the Drift collective wares. There we’re no samples on the website so it was on to the mildly tedious myspace, it ain’t great when all you can connect to is a 56k phone line, anyway, after listening to a few tracks I was soon headed back to visit the Drift Shop.

The above mentioned ‘Finish your chips’ album by Matt Eaton is very fine indeed. I also really liked the nicely packaged and stylistically varied Thirty Pounds of Bone  ‘The homesick children of migrant mothers’ album. In fact I’m looking forward to the listed forthcoming Mary Hampton album as well.

As soon as I was done it gave me some much needed motivation to get back to work and earn some money to pay for the unplanned shopping excursion. Everyones a winner indeed.

In fact the only bad thing I have to say about the whole thing is that they both cds are without the bands/albums name on them, so I know that at some future point I’m destined to spend many hours trying to remember what they are called and where the cases might be…


3.27 a.m.

last nights wind and rain woke me up, which at least gave me the title for this. Now added to the artwork portfolio…

3.27 a.m. Ink & digital colour illustration

Merry this and that…

and Happy everything…

Okay, so its a little late to be welcoming in the New Year, well, unless your either Russian or Chinese I guess, in which case, not quite so late.

Anyway I wrote most of this before christmas, when I started work on the new design and layout. Oh, and now I’ve cleared my web design work backlog and sorted out the layout of my site, maybe I’ll get chance to do a few drawings…

That is all.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas - Christmas Card Illustration, 2007

New Paintings…

on their way. Soon, honest.

Work in progress - Acrylic on Canvas 50 x 60

New artwork

Extra Width

I’ve just added three more new images to the gallery pages, rotating some older images off the site.

I’m also going to be adding general links of interest, of interest to me anyway, to this page as time goes on. I did debate adding a links page to the site, but I don’t want to send the few visitors I do get shooting off elsewhere as soon as they arrive.

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