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New Site Design
welcome to the new website. So here we are, version eight of As many of the websites I’ve been creating of late have put my own site to shame I thought it was time for an update.

Theres a new section of ‘other projects’ which will feature more in-depth details of both website projects and new collections of artworks. I hope you’ll agree that this is an improvement and not just change for changes sake, as ever, comments are welcome.

you may well soon be able to download your very own copy of some of the artwork on this site onto your mobile phone. Oh, come on, I know you’re more excited than that… Well, actually, best not get too excited just yet as the whole things been dragging on for six months already…

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Dark Was The Night

i‘ve now updated the ‘films’ page with a promo clip from the ‘Dark Was The Night’ short film. It is quite a low quality clip but certainly an improvement over the huge animated gif that used to appear on the page. Its a RealMedia clip of about 7mb in size.*

You can view more on the films page here.

*Clearly the days of self hosting RealMedia clips on websites are long passed. Now updated with a handy YouTube link.

MEN-tal!! Comic book update

there is now a project page for Men-tal to replace the previous .pdf files that used to be linked here. Take a look.

Site Update

welcome to the latest update and re-design of the website. There are some new images in the gallery including some new acrylic paintings. As ever e-mail or feedback is welcome with regard to the new design or anything else.

Kylie UK

the Kylie UK site that used to be linked to this site is sadly no longer live. This site was designed by myself for a friend in 2000 and ran until late 2002.

Kylie Minogue fan website

If you’d still like to visit the Website, bearing in mind that any news, prices or links that are contained therein may well be out of date then you can visit the archive site via this link here*.

*Update. Had to remove this old flash site as it was no longer secure. I don’t expect the online Kylie community will give this news much pause some fifteen years down the line.

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