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Searchers 2.0: Found.

just a very quick note to say the recent-ish Alex Cox film Searchers 2.0 which I’ve been moaning on about being unable to see for quite some time was again shown on the BBC last weekend, once again in the wee small hours.

Luckily I was just shutting things down for the night when I noticed it was due to be on at 01:15 on Monday morning. Que an hour spent wiring up and old video recorder in order to get a couple of hours sleep and be able to enjoy it properly*.

Of course, you can watch it on the iPlayer for 7 days it transpres, so that was an hour wasted. Link page is here.

Still, my efforts of setting up the video at least mean if BBC 2 continue last weekends practice of showing interestng and cult films in the early hours I am now prepared [If can find somewhere that sells blank videos.] Last weekend saw screenings of a Charles Burnett film I’d not seen, a repeat of the always watchable Wise Blood And finaly a heartwarmng tale about a chap of shortened growth who just wanted some time to himself, The Station Agent. I could half identify with the protagonist in that, I should add I’m a little over six foot myself.

Anyway I’ve since come down wth a stinking cold so haven’t watched Searchers 2.0 myself yet. But I’m finaly looking forward to it, all good things and all that.

Meanwhile Mister Cox is soon to be treating us to a visualy restored version of his classic [IMHO] Straight To Hell, another film I first saw on video. I have to say it looks fantastic compared to what I remember of the originals quality…

*If it is in fact illegal to record a flim off of the TV to watch later then it was a ‘friend’ who did this, okay?

Searching for Searchers 2.0

so it seems I’ve missed my chance to see Alex Coxlatest last film, Again

I would happily pay to see it at a cinema, I’d buy it on DVD, but it seems you can’t do either, the only way to see it so far is on the BBC. ‘Fantastic thats free’ I here you cry, but alas, when it was broadcast on digital tv I was away on holiday, and for its terrestrial premier of last night, well, the early hours of the morning to be precise.
Me? I was unaware it was on and fast asleep have driven round half of Wales yesterday. I know I’ll see it eventually some how, but its a shame that a possible gem like this from arguably the most interesting British director working today it goes unannounced, untrailered and is screened at a time when people might happen upon it.

I wonder if I’ll see this Searchers 2.0, or Repo Chick first. Only time will tell…

{insert tumbleweed here}

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