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Richard Stark/Donald Westlake
it seems the latest Richard Stark ‘Parker’ book has gotten a big UK release. At least it the first one I’ve ever been able to walk into my local small town bookshop and buy off the shelf (they had three!).

Along with the big distribution and promotional price comes a cover quote from a booker prize winning author and a uniformly bland cover, Heres a copy of the new book next to one of the  ‘bullet hole’ 60s ‘cheap’ paperback editions – I know which I prefer].

I don’t know what it is with modern book jacket design, I’m sure just as much effort and time is spent on them as always was but its always the same result, generic stock photo cover with bold authors name/title. And I’m not just bitter because theres less illustrator gigs for book covers, but looking back at some of the older book jacket designs (theres often a batch on display over at the great DataJunky Blog) – they just looked that much more interesting…


sorry to read about the passing of author and sometime actor Edward Bunker. His novel ‘No Beast So Fierce’ is a terrific piece of work.

Edward Bunker page at No Exit Press

On a more positive note its good to see that the new Richard Stark (aka Donald E Westlake) Parker novel, ominously titled ‘Nobody Runs Forever,’ does not see the end of crime fictions most single minded antihero. You can probably read the first chapter on his website, here.

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