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Pipers Hill naer Bromsgrove

Quick sketch…

I have a project I’m working on at the moment where I feel some illustrations would bring more to the project than stock photos would. They need to be quite quick to do and relatively simple. So I’ve been trying a few sketches in ink with a quick water colour wash. I think it may work…

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Falling down on the A38

Roadside 23-6-13

bit worried these are getting a bit arty now.
The black and white probably doesn’t help.

Number 21
in the series of occasional roadside photos. This sign is gradually distancing itself from that mile as its slowly falls over, creating an odd perspective as you drive past.

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The View from the Office

i‘ve been listening to Bill Drummond on Resonance FM (This show if the link archives) all day today, its still on now in fact. Its been a 12 hour or so running broadcast and one of the best things I’ve heard broadcast on the ‘radio’ for quite sometime. Great that the medium of broadcast voice and music still has places to go. Also great to see a station making a break from the news, weather, presenter, programme, news, weather format.

Anyway I’ve been enjoying it so much I’ve been inventing jobs to keep me near the computer and listening, painted a couple of doors, tidied the place up some and added a new page to the ‘Projects’ section. Projects is too grand a word for most of the things on there but as I’ve been doing this one for over two years now, The View from the Office deserved its own page.

Thank you Mister Chunu Miah

Well, it looks like the times are a changin and my local, and favorite, Indian reasturant has closed its doors. There was a closed for renovation sign at Tamanna Exclusive Asian Cuisine in Bromsgrove recently and then one of those ‘temporary’ vinyl signs for a new business opening soon.

I’d been going to the place since before it was the Tamanna, back in the Balti Garden days. Whist there was a fondness for that place with its more cosy lighting and rickety private booth seating the ‘revamp’ of a few years ago was probably well needed.

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The Big Scary UK Freeze of 2010

or the end of the world as some would have it.

After a week of that, and having some pictures in the local newspapers ‘Snow watch’ its back to busy busy busy. Got a few things on and working on some paintings, hope to update the gallery on here soon. Its been far too long. Then theres the shop page. Should really sort that out. What I really need is some kind of 168 hour weekend. Anyway, heres the snow watch pictures in a size where you can see them properly. May have overdone it with the filter on the first two.

The following quote did make me laugh

THESE beautiful pictures of Bromsgrove were taken by Chris Hathway and clearly show how beautiful the town looked during the wintry weather.

Its taken me three trips to the local park so far to find places that aren’t either over ridden with signage, full of street furniture that isn’t really suited to a park, it being ‘street’ furniture, or thats a nice view ruined by one of the varied coloured dog poo bins which are placed in the most random manner posible, in fact, maybe a second post to follow.

05/01/10 #uksnow Recreation Ground

05/01/10 #uksnow ST Johns Church

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I believe that brandy’s mine…

I was going to title this post ‘abundance of arseholes’ but I think I’d regret it in the morning and I really don’t think it is representative of the post as a whole and is possibly due to my stressed state of late. I do like the title though, I’ll have to find something to use it for…

Interesting gig at Space 2 in the custard factory tonight. The first gig I’ve been to there outside of Supersonic.

It was the Amanda Palmer gig, a part of the ‘Who killed Amanda Palmer‘ tour. I have to say I’m really glad I caught the pre tour show in London after tonight. The venue sound was pretty much awful throughout, on quiet songs there was low end hum all the time, and if you were any more then three rows back all you could hear was chatter – though I couldn’t see people taking anywhere – from the bar area. Then the heaters – over the stage and very very noisy* Odd. It made it very hard to get involved in the music, mostly it just made me grateful I’d caught the ICA show.

*this is not just because I got shortchanged at the bar, again – I was sober I really should pay more attention to what change trainee bar staff deliver. It is most probably a coincidence that the last three gigs I have been to here someone in my group has been shortchanged…

The all the acts were great though, Jason Webley and Zoe Keating and also someone I missed, who was in the toilets all night arranging his postcards, and Amanda was great, even with a broken foot. Jason Webley reminded me of a specific period of Tom Waits, so much so that I kept expecting one song to break into ‘Strangers, Talk only about the weather,’ but there was more than that too, it was great. I enjoyed Zoe Keatings set too, though it wasn’t the best environment with lots of people chatting or at least the sound of that – was there a ‘the sound of people at gigs talking’ CD on the PA? – It reminded me of some of the US Warren Zevon bootlegs I have – but this is the UK, we don’t talk over musicians we’ve paid to see here, do we?

All in all I’d say buy Who killed Amanda Palmer, its a great album, and do catch the tour if you can, but to whoever put this gig on at space 2, what about the Town Hall. It seems a woefully underused venue since its been re-opened, and it would have been preferable in both character and professionalism from tonights experience…

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