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after the enjoyable but sadly all too short Sticklebrick festival in Bristol last weekend I’d also like to put in a ‘coming soon’ mention for July’s Supersonic festival here in Birmingham.

After missing last years event I’m rather keen to make this one. And in the interests of diversity the Wipeout festival in Calella, Spain is now showing a full list of this years bands and taking bookings.

Wipeout Festival

just returned from the Wipeout festival* in Calella, nr. Barcelona, Spain. This years line up included billy childish & the buff medways, the montesas, the wildebeests and los coronas. It was a whole lot of fun and I’ll be looking forward to next years shows, which are now being planned for September, 2004.

*Updated – Links removed as the Wipeout website is no longer online and has been replaced with one of those endless pop-up spitting nightmare sites.

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