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Danger: Diabolik!

I saw some screenshots several years ago from the film Danger: Diabolik!, they we’re so fantastic and, well, odd, that I had to track the film down. I picked up a cheap copy in the US a year or so ago – the guy selling it me said he had no idea what the film was but seeing the shots on the back he too now wanted to see it – and while the plot and pacing are indeed pretty rubbish, the cinematography, set design and soundtrack are all top notch.

Danger: Diabolik!

I like the effort Fiat have put into their limited edition Fiat 500 Diabolik. I’ve always wanted a matt black car.

MEN-tal!! Comic book update

several pdf files of the Mental!! comic resource are now available to view. Pages 2 , 3 , 17 and 18 are currently online to view.

This news item has now been Updated.

MEN-tal!! Comic book update

there is now a project page for Men-tal to replace the previous .pdf files that used to be linked here. Take a look.

Mental!! Comic book

Mental!! Comic book.gbymn.org.uk
recently completed illustrations for a comic style resource exploring risk-taking issues for young men, primarily for the Gloucestershire Boys and Young Men Network. 5000 copies of the comic book are now printed, you can find out more at the Gloucestershire Boys and Young Men Network Website

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