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New Project – The Red Knob

the-red-knob-logoa new project now added to the ‘projects’ area.

The Red Knob is a concept that aims to provide health information, particularly to young men, in an innovative and accessible way.

Read a little more about the project here.


creation of a website featuring the artwork and illustration of childrens illustrator Janette Louden – janettelouden.com

Under construction at the minute but by all means click here to visit.

New Site Design

welcome to the new website. So here we are, version eight of chrishathway.co.uk. As many of the websites I’ve been creating of late have put my own site to shame I thought it was time for an update.

Theres a new section of ‘other projects’ which will feature more in-depth details of both website projects and new collections of artworks. I hope you’ll agree that this is an improvement and not just change for changes sake, as ever, comments are welcome.

you may well soon be able to download your very own copy of some of the artwork on this site onto your mobile phone. Oh, come on, I know you’re more excited than that… Well, actually, best not get too excited just yet as the whole things been dragging on for six months already…

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MEN-tal!! Comic book update

mike lives Mental Health Comic Bookwith his Gran and there is something he would like to talk to her about but he worries she may be upset. What Mike doesn’t know is that Gran knows his ‘secret’ anyway and would like to talk with him about it.

Parvinder lives with his mum and dad. They have very clear ideas about his future career. He has other ideas.

Dave enjoys coke and speed, porn and sex. As much of it as he can get. His friends admire his lifestyle. He feels lonely and knows there is something missing in his life. He just can’t quite work out what it is.

One evening in the lives of these three young men are the focus for a new resource about mental health and risk taking.

Members of the Boys and Young Men Network have teamed up with Chris Hathway, a young graphic artist from Worcestershire to produce ‘MEN-tal!’, a comic for young men aged between 16 and 24. Through the story line, the comic looks at issues that both promote and undermine mental health including communication, assertiveness, substance use, friendship, families and love.

The Network will launch the comic on October 10th, World Mental Health Day 2003. It will be free of charge to young men and those who live and work with them in Gloucestershire.

MEN-tal!! Comic book page scan

MEN-tal!! Comic book page scan

MEN-tal!! Comic book page scan

MEN-tal!! Comic book page scan

MEN-tal!! Comic book page scan

MEN-tal!! Comic book page scan

Building Up Dads

creation of a series of illustrations and design of accompanying Website for the Building Up Dads programme.

Building Up Dads provides a foundation for fatherhood, through an educational and fun programme of activities that promote and support fathering skills to young fathers.

More information as and when this project develops.

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