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All Tomorrows Parties

had a great weekend at the United Sounds of ATP down in Camber Sands last weekend. Highlights for me were certainly Total Sound Group Action Committee, think that was probably a highlight for everyone in the room – fantastic live act. Celebration were also really good.

Finally Ramblin’ Jack Elliotts set on sunday was a great way, to end the weekend, fantastic performance of some great songs. I also bought a copy of the recent film about him, The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack , from the director – his daughter, after the show. Which like Ramblin’ Jacks performance, is a really moving, entertaining and informative piece of work.

You can view a few photos from the weekend here (these photos would have been far better had I remembered to stop jigging about to the music while taking them). Sadly I missed both the Country Teasers and Holly Golighltys Set due to roadworks in Rye and a bit too much time spent sat outside the foundry in the sun the night before.

Still, highly recommended, as looks to be this.

Screamin’ Festival

well, looks like I’ll be away at the Screamin’ Festival in early June this year, looking forward to it after not making it there, or anywhere else I had to use my passport, last year.

Previous highlights included The Montesas who I saw there in 2004, heres hoping to discover a few more bands I’ve never heard of who are as good as they were…

…that is, I’ll be there if I survive a couple days in New York the week before, I’m hoping the Leningrad Cowboys we’re wrong…

You always get murdered when you go to New York, I have seen it on television

Kinky Friedman

i‘ve seen Kinky Friedman play far more times than likely, it seems, more often by luck than by planning. Its a pity hes not toured over this way for the last few years and I have no idea how likely his campaign for election as governor of Texas is of success. I guess the obvious answer is the campaign slogan of ‘why the hell not.’ But should it fail, I guess at least we might see a tour once again.

Anyway, all his early albums are really, really great and the first six or seven of his detective novels are equally so [though I did begin to get a little tired of many of the same jokes come the later ones.] Anyway, by all means visit his current ‘electoral’ site here.

Screamin’ Festival

Screamin' Festival

back from the Screamin’ Festival in Calella, nr. Barcelona, Spain. Personal highlights included a great set from the ‘Gin Palace Jesters‘ and also ‘Sid and Billy King‘. Some photos here.

As for this website, updates regards recent projects will be listed soon…

I expect more information on the next festival will eventually arrive online here.

Screamin’ Festival

i‘ll be at the Screamin’ Festival in Calella, Spain for the first half of this month and for a couple of days in Barcelona, I’ll reply to any e-mails, questions or sales[hah!] on my return.

Can’t say I’ve heard many, if any, of the artists playing the festival this year, but hopefully that’ll all be part of the fun. Maybe some photos up on my return.

Wreckless Eric

great to see that .

Worcesters Marrs bar on May 1st. I missed his show there after Christmas but his show there last autumn really was something terrific.

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