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Dark was the night

i‘ve just completed the DVD mastering and re-edit of the short film I made with a bunch of friends some 9 years back in Liverpool, Birmingham and Redditch.

Was it really that long ago?

There are some updated images on the projects page here, and also a new film clip. Dark was the night on DVD

If you’d really like to to see the film, plus associated outtakes and the all new ‘directors’ commentary, then by all means send me an email.

I’m not saying I’ll send out a DVD, but its always nice to feel wanted.

New project added

well some photos, New York City, August 2005. I may get some older photos scanned in at some point, time and webspace permitting…

click here to view.

Dark Was The Night

i‘ve now updated the ‘films’ page with a promo clip from the ‘Dark Was The Night’ short film. It is quite a low quality clip but certainly an improvement over the huge animated gif that used to appear on the page. Its a RealMedia clip of about 7mb in size.*

You can view more on the films page here.

*Clearly the days of self hosting RealMedia clips on websites are long passed. Now updated with a handy YouTube link.

Mental!! Comic book

Mental!! Comic book.gbymn.org.uk
recently completed illustrations for a comic style resource exploring risk-taking issues for young men, primarily for the Gloucestershire Boys and Young Men Network. 5000 copies of the comic book are now printed, you can find out more at the Gloucestershire Boys and Young Men Network Website

Launch the site here.

Kylie UK

the Kylie UK site that used to be linked to this site is sadly no longer live. This site was designed by myself for a friend in 2000 and ran until late 2002.

Kylie Minogue fan website

If you’d still like to visit the Website, bearing in mind that any news, prices or links that are contained therein may well be out of date then you can visit the archive site via this link here*.

*Update. Had to remove this old flash site as it was no longer secure. I don’t expect the online Kylie community will give this news much pause some fifteen years down the line.

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