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Roadside 14-1-15


Number 22 in the apparently increasingly occasional series of roadside photos.

Roadside 14-1-15 - Peugeot 405, High Peak

Happy New Year anyway, and Happy Birthday for last year top… sorry that I missed it.

Falling down on the A38

Roadside 23-6-13

bit worried these are getting a bit arty now.
The black and white probably doesn’t help.

Number 21
in the series of occasional roadside photos. This sign is gradually distancing itself from that mile as its slowly falls over, creating an odd perspective as you drive past.

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Roadside 20-4-13

number 20 in the ongoing series of roadside photos. The Kidderminster road has had six months of seeming pointless traffic lights, however while sat in them last month I did manage to take this photo which nearly makes up for the hour or so its cost me so far. #highwaysmywayworcs indeed.

Stuck at traffic lights on the A456

Titterstone Clee

Roadside 10-3-13

number 19 in the ongoing series of roadside photos. So for some daft reason I found myself driving up to the summit of Titterstone Clee on one of the coldest March days for quite a while. In fact I can honestly say it was the coldest I have ever been here in the UK. I don’t think the outside temperature was that cold, yes the puddles on the increasingly dilapidated car park were freezing up, but I think it was the wind chill that caused me to loose feeling in my hands after taking my gloves off to take a couple of photos.

You can’t really see the scale in this photo, taken from the car parking area, but it really much bigger than it looks, much colder too.

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A couple of cows graze on a foggy mid-summers day in South Wales

Roadside 2-6-12

number 18 in the ongoing series of roadside photos, stretching things slightly as technically I was parked up in a field this time, but I was sat in the car so thats good enough for me.

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Roadside 29-1-12

number 17 (Seventeen now!) in the on-going series of roadside photos which at least begins to hint at a possible pattern, that of photographs taken opposite public houses.

A slice of americana seen following a most enjoyable pint of Shrophire ale at the The Pheasant Inn, Britons Lane, Bridgnorth

A slice of Americana viewed following a most enjoyable pint of Shropshire ale at the The Pheasant Inn, Britons Lane, Bridgnorth.

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