“is a new website for people in Gloucestershire – or who may be visiting Gloucestershire, in search of sex” to quote the tag line.

I helped to create the website on this one as well as illustrating the characters of ‘the Doc’ and ‘PC Plod’. The sites name, and so the rather salacious post title, are best explained on the Sex In Glos website itself;

If you’re involved in any of the following – dogging, swinging, working as a sex worker, you’re a sex worker’s client, or if you’re a man looking for sex with other men – especially sex in public places, then this website is for you!

Sex may be fun – but hey it’s not without its dangers! Assaults on sex workers and people who have sex in public places are not uncommon, and there are also those cursed STIs. Whether it’s a warning about ‘dodgy’ punters, or a Syphilis outbreak, you’ll find news, views and alerts about how to avoid the pitfalls, and how to get help if you don’t.

Visit Sex In Glocester here – Site no longer online.

The Doc ~ Sex In Glos

I’m now going to sit back and worry about what kind of spam this post will lead to.